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A happy new year

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To my friends, both real and online, that do me the honor of reading this, I wish you all a very happy new year. I could not ask for better people than the half dozen of you that I "see" every day. You could not be more special, or more important to me, and I hope that in this regard, this coming year is no different than last. You mean the world to me.

Thank you.


The night that lingered...

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So, it's 2:00 PM and I'm just getting up a bit ago. Sounds like a good start to a weekend, right? Well, it would have been if I was gettiing up at 2 after going to bed at, say, 2 AM? But being at work until 6, in bed by 6:30 doesn't make for a great start. Still, I feel pretty OK.

The night was a test in patience. The way I had envisioned it was this:

5:00 bring server down/start copy.
6:00 shut down old server/start new RAID stripe
6:30 hook up RAID to new server, boot/copy files back.
7:30 after all files are copied back, set up groups
8:00 go to machine and make sure they see server.

Ok, so that's optimistic, I understand, but hey, who am I to look askance at fate? *SLAP*


5:00 bring server down, plug in firewire drive, start backup of 250,000 little files.
6:00 notice that it's STILL saying "about 7 hours" and get a bit nervous.
7:00 notice that it's now changed to "about 6 hours" and start to realize that I will be here LATE
9:00 go to kmart and buy movie. watch "the green mile" in big corner office on 33rd floor of manhattan skyscraper. eat corned beef sandwich. lament wasting time.
12:00 shut server and start "10-15 minute" restripe of RAID.
12:30 realize THAT is bullshit too and go back to movie.
1:45 finish RAID stripe/hook up to new server/start file copy.
2:00 realize that OS X naming/privledge issues are going to create havoc with copying files
2:15 try to do a mv in UNIX when I should have done a cp. end up deleting an entire folder of stuff from teh backup drive when it didn't all get copied over. panic.
2:30 decide to move backup and recover files while copying other files over.
4:00 file copy finishes and I see that somehow I didnt lose all those files, they were just..hiding?
4:30 learn UNIX chmod/chown after getting sick of OS X's inability to change large numbers of files. (thank you man pages!)
5:00 go to all machines testing connectivity. Am happy.
6:00 shut lights, go home in car service. Attempt to escape into audio book (new stephen king) but find that my cabbie wants to chat about his wife all the way home in broken english. Sigh and listen.
6:30 pass out.

To those of you who didn't want the gory details, it's too late. you've got them.


Been a while

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I haven't gotten to updating this puppy in awhile and he's hungry!

Tonight I get to set up a new OS X server at a big client of mine. if all goes well, we can get in and out in a few hours. I've spent the better part of the past week configuring, setting up, testing, getting patches, etc., so it should be a matter of copying over data and setting up groups and that's it. We'll see.

I have to restripe a RAID from their little LCD panel on the box itself, which i've never done, so we'll see how THAT goes. always nice to have be starting something new after 5 on a friday...;)

My latest obsession has been Diablo II with greg online. I'm hoping some of you slaggards can get a copy up and running and play with us. It's very stress relieving to kill undead things! And I got a cool sash!

C'mon....who wants some. I know you do!

Coaster madness

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OK, This is cool

However, what is even cooler is totally putting it to the MAX--resolution, screen effects, etc., and having my G5 1.8 STILL give me 40-50 frames/sec.

I was doing this thing is 1280 X 1024 mode with EVERYTHING on and getting a steady 30-40 FPS. Let me know how y'all do. Interesting to compare.

Mommy Dolly

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Check out what's for sale this holiday at Discovery Toys

OK, I don't want my kids playing with anything more dangerous than a spoon, let alone sequencing their own DNA!

Want it

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TV on the Ceiling

Philips has made a bed and a sofa with an embedded LCD projector and sound system meant to have you lying on your back looking UP at the image. About time, no?


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It's currrently about 55 degrees in our house. That is probably because our furnace, on the coldest day of the year thus far, decided to quit. I guess it's tired. Me too. As a result, the house was freezing and we let both kids drift into our bed. Now, we have a big bed. A king. However, children seem to have some sort of inverse square law when it comes to the area they take up. I was easily crowded out by a 6 year old. After waking a million times (yes, exactly one million--I counted), I finally went and the 6 year old's bed! Why not? It was clearly empty. And, after dislodging the snowman from my back, the octopus from my side, and the various and sundry other creatures from my pillow, I slept rather well.

For the hour that was left before it was time to wake up.


Well, the oil company folks are on their way, so it will get fixed. Thank heavens for small favors.


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I just woke up from another crappy night of sleep because I went to bed angry and got up angry. I HATE that. I'm still angry. I get it in my head and can't get it out until I talk about it with who I'm angry at, but she doesn't want to talk. So I stew. And when we do talk, it will be the same damn thing. *sigh*

It comes to the same thing as it always comes to. I want to do something. She doesn't. We fight. The circumstances are all but irrelevant. This time they centered around it being a long time, me doing what I thought of as a favor by letting it go while we had a guest in the house, and then when that guest was gone, finding out she still wasn't interested and getting mad. But then she said "ok, well, you're mad, so I'll do something" and I was much more angry at that. I'm not sure why. I should have just taken her up on it, but it might have been pride (yes, the "P" word). In any case, I stormed out, and ended up not talking to her for the evening. And this morning, we've managed only to trade angry emails. She feels I was false to her by coming in and talking pleasantly when I was still mad. I thought I was trying to get un-mad (is that a word?) and didn't manage it.

Just another happy day in smallville.

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