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This is from my dad (Ellen's sleeping over there for a few days):


Sitting at starbucks. I say to ellen,

"if we count we usually count starting with 1."

She: right.

me: then what is the point of zero?

she: how else can we understand 4 minus 4, or 10 minus 10.

I just nodded sagely, sipped my water and ate some more cookie.


The Lord's Name

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This story comes from Kim, who got it from Ms. Decarlo, the school principal. Apparently, Ms. Decarlo hears someone out in the hall, spewing "Jesus Christ!" again and again and she came out to find Katie, trying to thread her way through a crowd of people in her way from one end of the school to the other, exclaiming loudly, "Jesus Christ!" as she wandered by the principal's office. When she related the story to Kim, Kim was relieved it was only that--apparently Katie's expression only last week was "God, Damn it!"

Our little blasphemer.

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