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Disturbing Auctions

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Courtesy of William Gibson, someone has finally decided to start tracking the weird auctions on Ebay (e.g., the Grilled Cheese of Christ...).

Welcome to Disturbing Auctions.

I think I'll bid on Stinky the Conch Shell Pelican. Who wouldn't want one??

Confu-ellen say...

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Kim tells me this story tonight:

"Sarah opened her fortune cookie and Rachel read it as: Every rose has it's thorns. Ellen says "I know what that means." so we turned to her and asked what she thought it meant. I assumed she'd say something about how every flower has thorns. Instead, she says "With every good thing, there's a little bit of bad too. Like Yin and Yang." Rachel and I just stared at each other."



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Yesterday evening, Kim had the unenviable task of reading the last 2 chapters of Charlotte's Web, which includes the chapter where Charlotte dies, to Ellen. It's a very sad part and Ellen totally lost it, WAILING for about 20 minutes. So, after some settling down, she was OK. However, she told me a story that this afternoon, in the car, Ellen started crying again, exclaiming, "It's not fair that Charlotte had to die. Doesn't anyone know what loyalty is??"

My empathic 7 year old.

Full Up

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My mom tell this story:

"Ellen and I were at the museum of natural history on Martin Luther King day, and it was packed because all the other kids were off. So we got into an elevator and it was just crammed with like 40 people. All of a sudden, Ellen pipes up from under all these other people, "I sure hope that this elevator can accomodate all these people." Everyone turned and looked down at her, and then at me and asked "how OLD is she?" and I said "She's in high school."

That's my little 7 year old actuary. Always wondering about commuter safety.

Santa's Nemesis

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Katie and I are driving down the NJ Turnpike yesterday and we pass a recycling plant on the right hand side as we're heading south. In the middle of the plant is a huge smokestack with steam billowing out on this cold day. I point it out to katie, "Look at that big chimney with all the steam coming out, Bug."

She replies, "Oh...Santa could never get down that."

Where do they come UP with this stuff??


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"Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise."--Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard's Almanac.

"Late to bed, early to rise, makes me REALLY friggin' TIRED." -- Paul.


Happy Birthday Ellen!!!

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To my wonderful 7 year old, happy birthday!! Dad is very proud of you.

Today's festivities were supposed to include a visit for dinner to her favorite place, the chinese buffet around here. However, owing to Katie being sick as a dog and throwing up 4 times last night, necessitating 2 changes of all of HER bedding and one change of all of ours, coupled with the fact that we're exhausted as a result of it, we'll probably do that tomorrow. Thank god Kim can manage on less sleep than I can, and that she is so good to me. She was up nearly all night with Katie and still let me sleep in this morning as I was staying home anyway.

Ellen will have rice krispy snowmen at school for her little party there, and Saturday she's having a party at the local "bead store", where she and a half dozen screaming kids will make things-with-beads.

Balloon Fairy

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I had the idea to start a new birthday tradition this year: The Balloon Fairy. Basically, the idea is that the Balloon fairy leaves a room full of balloons for the sleeping child to find on her birthday. Here's what the Balloon Fairy left last night, to giggles of glee this morning from Ellen, my now-seven-year-old:

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