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The Mouths of Babes

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I gave Ellen a goodnight kiss tonight, and when I stood up, she was taking her hand and touching her face where I kissed her, and then touching her face all over.

Me: What are you doing?
H: spreading out your kiss.
Me: why?
H: because I want it all over my face.
Me: why?
H: because I love you.

So, of course, I leaned in and kissed her all over her face. Promting her to giggle and say "That's something you'll never run out of."


Non-Hitting Lessons

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Lately, Ellen's been hitting or pushing Katie, who has been dutifully (a bit TOO dutifully) reporting it to us. "Ellen hit me!", etc.

So this morning, Ellen couldn't be bothered to tell Katie to move out of her way so she just pushed her down, right in front of Kim, who promptly pushed HER down (deservedly so). So Ellen goes into hysterics that it's not fair, that she's so much bigger, that it hurt her more than what she did hurt Katie. And we're trying to explain to her, "hey, that was the POINT. Don't hit Katie anymore."

So of course, she says something that we can't not break up at.

H: "But I can't learn to do that by myself! I need not-hitting lessons!"
E: "Well, us hitting you back ARE the not hitting lessons."
H: "But those aren't good lessons! I need better not-hitting lessons! I need to go to not-hitting classes!."

It's very hard sometimes to keep a straight face as this unfolds. I didn't manage it.

CD Project

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So I was puttering around iTunes and wanted to play some Stevie Ray Vaughn, a personal fave of mine, and sure enough I didn't have a shred of his stuff on iTunes. Had lots of it on CD, but none in iTunes. So, a project! Now that iTunes is completely sharable, and soon will be playable out my stereo with nearly zero effort, I've decided to put ALL my CD's into iTunes. I have about 200-300 or so and it should take me some time, but it will be worth it!

I know you're all KEENLY interested, so I'll post from time to time with choice songs that pop back into mind as I listen.

Recent imports:

Art Blakey--A Night in Tunisia
Blues Traveller--Four
Keb 'Mo--Keb 'Mo

I am the King!

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Woken this morning to katie exclaiming "I am the King!" A very odd way to awaken, hearing a 3 year old proclaiming herself monarch. She was apparently playing with her Lion King pieces and having the whole conversation from the movie.

Scar: "I want the throne!"
Simba: "No! It's Mine. I am the King!"

And so on. Coming from the mouth of a 3 year old girl, it's very odd.

Time Flies

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So it's Wednesday, June 16, and amazingly it's Ellen's last day of kindergarten. It's nearly inconceivable that she is going to be in 1st grade next year, that she's already neck deep into public school. Katie I still see as a baby--she's still in preschool and still acts the part. But not Ellen.

Damn, where does the time go?

Act II, Scene IV

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My neck is out of joint,
oh, cursed spite!
I'll need a crow bar,
to set it right.

Woke up with a monster headache, curtesy of a major neck ache. And of course, it was on a Saturday, because I could have slept late today. No, yesterday, when I had to be up at 7, I slept like a rock--just not long enough.

I think if I could buy sleep--real sleep--I'd pay quite a bit.

Alas, poor slumber. I knew it, Horatio. An infinate jest.

THAT kind of tired.

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OK, all those folks out there without kids, you know that feeling when your alarm goes off, and you're just still exhausted because you were up late, and had trouble falling asleep, and then your neighbor's car alarm or something woke you at like 3 for an hour, and then you get back to sleep, but have to get up at 7 or something?

Well, multiply that be a bazilllion when you have a 3 year old with a cold.


Getting to know you...

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Tomorrow, my doctor will get to know me very intimately via the wrong end. For those of you who haven't had colonoscopies, you're not missing anything by way of a fun time. I guess I won't feel much except groggy because they put me under general anesthetic and when I wake up, I'm somebody's girlfriend...

To make matters more fun, there's this whole procedure that you have to follow involving fasting all day, then drinking a few glasses of something that might make you vomit (they have specific instructions for if you DO vomit), and then pretty much spending the entire evening in the bathroom.

Glad mine has Wi-fi!

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