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This is the first year we're doing pumpkins as a family. At this point, Katie and Ellen are still getting help, but they're hanging in there!

Here's Katie's kitty cat:

And Ellen did a "disco" version of Pearl, from Finding Nemo:

And I'm pretty proud of the Marlin/Nemo I did:

Geez, how could I have carved a marlin with the Yankees losing to them?? Ack!

Let's say you work at home, and at work, on a desktop. You don't want to shlep a laptop back and forth, etc, but you want your files in both places, email, custom feel. This is the coolest thing: The Antelope. It pops into each system and IS the computer. hard drive, CPU, etc.

Although, I guess I can't see the advantage of just having a portable hard drive you boot from...

A strange day

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No work today (which is bad for a pay-by-the-hour consultant), but it was a sleep-in rainy morning, which WAS nice. Got to go to lunch with my 5 year old, so that was a treat. She loves chinese food, weird in a little kid, I think, and we went out to a local buffet place. It's always fun to grab lunch with just her. She's such an adult. People think she's much older than she is because she speaks so well.

My little one is feeling much better, and that's a relief. It's heartbreaking to listen to her cough. Last night saw one of the most pathetic things I've ever seen. she was asleep by 7 and I'm downstairs at around 9 when I hear a sort of muffled crying. I head up the stairs. There she is, sitting on the top of the stairs, pants and underwear around her ankles, bare butt on the carpet:

me: "what's wrong, sweetie?"
K (sobbing): "my underwear is on backwards"
me: "is that all that's wrong?"
K nods.
me: "well, we can fix that."
K sobs more.

What can you say to something like that? She was SO tired she had no idea what was going on. Poor little thing.

The Cradle of Ugh

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Tried to watch "Tomb Raider 2" tonight. Impossible. I'd have to remove my cortex and then it would STILL talk down to me. How did angelina jolie, who is a pretty good actress, get roped into not one, but TWO of those wastes of celluloid? All those great old movies rotting and this one is in perfect condition. What a shame.

The Day After

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The Times this morning was an ugly wake up. Marlins. Yes, Marlins. Those long-nosed fish things from a town that has had baseball for about as long as I've had kids. They're celebrating on the field at the House that Ruth Built, the Cathedral of Baseball. It's just not right.

And to tell you what kind of baseball junkie I am, the worst part was looking in the "sports grid" in the Times to see what was upcoming this week and finding basketball, football and hockey.


My heart rippith out.

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Oh, the boys. I'll miss them. They couldn't hit. They couldn't field. And still they were within 2 games of winning it all. At least I'll get some much needed sleep.


Spring training is JUST around the corner.

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Robotic Uninsurance

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I'm at work now, once again fighting a losing battle against an AIT autoloader. I've spent 80% of my day today watching the little robotic changer go up and down. BORING.

We're on the verge of getting just killed with the cost of it. Anyway, more to come about this, I'm sure, as we count down the days to which we rank among the uninsured...

Sooo Tiiiired

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I'm Tiiired...Soooo Tiiired....

Isn't that how that song goes? I don't know. I'm going to bed. I can't even stay up and watch the yanks fall apart tonight. That should tell anyone who knows me how tired I am. Missing a world series game.

On the bright side, I think katie's OK. Poor little monkey.

OOoh..and we went to our first "parent-teacher conference" today for my older one. Apparently, she's far and away the smartest kid in the class. The teacher spent lots of time trying to explain to us that she's trying hard to give her extra stuff to do. They're learing to count, she can add and multiply. They're learning letters, she can read and write. I do hope she doesn't get too bored.

Night night.


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Well, after the yankees lost in 12 and I thought that my sleep couldn't get much worse, lo and behold! my 3 year old has a stomach virus! Yes, boys and girls, friends and neighbors, up 3 times from 5 AM to the present cleaning up sheet after sheet, pillow after pillow. My poor little girl spent most of that time simply whimpering with her binky in her mouth. She doesn't know what's going on and is just scared. I'm just TIRED.

And whatever came out of her STINKS like you wouldn't believe!

It's gonna be a loooong weekend.

Hey, more baseball tonight!! Will this season never end?

Ah, well

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I was right--the yankees came back in the 9th, but they lost it in the 12th. I'm SO tired. I hate staying up late for a loss. when I get a late win, it's exhilarating, but when they lose and I stayed up, it feels like a total waste of time. Ah, well, I guess you stick with a team through the good and the bad. Except the knicks. I can't stand them and they suck.

Goodnight all.

Yanks, Game 4

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OK, yanks down in game 4, up 2 games to 1 over the Marlins, going to the bottom of the 9th. I'm a believer, though, and think they can pull it out.

Go yanks!!

Tape Libraries

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You know why they suck? because anytime you do ANY little thing you have to rescan the media and it takes FOREVER!


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OK, so I've gotten this newTreo 600 and it's just the coolest thing ever. I've been playing with the wireless part and it's very fast. I actually installed and tested out VNC on it and it was totally useable! Amazing, from a PHONE.

Also, testing out typing in HTML here. I'm just typing it in off the top of my head, so it might be a mess.

Woo! Yankees just won! 2-1 in games on the way to their next World Championship!

Go Yanks!!

First Post

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I'm not sure what will go here. I wonder how many people say that on their first post? I certainly don't have any idea what this will become, if anything, but I HAD to get an account to stop a "certain someone" from driving me nuts...;)

I want to thank my friend Greg for generally being patient with me, considering I'd sooner slit my wrists than pick up a manual for anything. You're the best, bud.

Watch out world, here I am!

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