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Birthday Cake

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Seems like every year for the past few years, I've made Ellen a crazy birthday cake layered over this snowman mold we bought around 8 years ago. Going through my iPhoto, I was actually surprised to find that i've now made 8 varieties of snowman cakes. It's odd that the only vaguely artistic mediums i seem to work in are food related (Pumpkins and cakes...). Perhaps, knowing me, it's not that odd.

Anyway, in what I believe is chronological order, here are the past 8 years cakes, with small descriptors:

Orignal Frosty cake, for her 5th Birthday. Just followed the cake-pan instructions to frost this one:


First full body snowman:


Second full body snowman:


After this last one, I decided to try fondant, which is a soft, rollable sheet of frosting that can be molded much more than icing. It's like sweet play doh. The rest of the cakes are fondant cakes.:


At this point, I started getting bored with snowmen, per se, so I started putting personalities on the snowmen cake molds. This one is a knight from Ellen's game Runescape:


Next, we have a Harry Potter version of the snowman:


This one is Ang, from Avatar (the TV show, not the movie):


And, finally, this year I decided to hit up the video game world for Mario. I liked this one the best:


If I do another one next year, I think i'll have to make it hover or something...

Happy 12th Birthday, kiddo.

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