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All the World's a Stage...

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Amazingly, it's been 3 months since my last blog entry. I think that social media (Facebook and Twitter, mostly) are to blame, as smaller entries tend to just pop up on there in the ephemeral way that only a Facebook post can be. Comment on it today, forget about it tomorrow...

That said, however, I wanted to blog to recognize something worth remembering--Ellen's first real foray into the theatre. Last night, Ellen had a small, but front-and-center role in the success-for-your-soul musical "Damn Yankees" at her school. She played the "radio voice", doing a very good, very rapidly delivered play-by-play as Joe Hardy and the Senators beat the Yankees to finally propel the woeful Washington team to the pennant (as if.) Looking like a cross between a deer in the headlights and a well-dressed statue as she waited, center stage, to deliver her radio patter, Ellen shone in the way that only someone who is an extremely good public speaker can. She clutched her mic for dear life, waived her hands for emphasis as she neared the end of her delivery, and looked as intent as if she were actually calling the 7th game of the world series. Mel Allen would have had a tear in his eye, if they weren't rotting in the ground somewhere. Perhaps he did anyway. Who knows with eyes?

Her relief after the show was almost as intense as her performance itself, a broad grin on her face when she popped from the stage door to the cheers of her friends. To my eye, though, it was that wonderful support of her friends that stole the night. Ellen can be something of a shut-in (I'm being kind here...) and to see her basking in her friends' obvious affection, beaming with triumph and belonging, is what made the months of work worthwhile.

You did a great job, kiddo, and we were very proud, as always.

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