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Practice, Practice...uh, no.

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Katie's having a guitar lesson. Her teacher is saying "you need to practice this after I leave."

Katie: Can't i do it after I go out and play?
Teacher: No, you really should do it now.
Katie: Come on...
Me: Katie, stop whining.
Katie: I'm not whining, I'm trying to find a loophole.
Me (literally out loud): Oh, Jesus...

Do I really need this? Come on...

Katie and I are driving home tonight from Tae Kwan Do, when we pass the place near us that used to do a nice Dim Sum brunch. They've been closed more than a year now, so Katie was reminiscing.

K: You know what I liked that they had? There was this one thing that had sort of wet meat in soft bread.
D: Um...wet meat?
K: Yeah. It was sweet and the outside was white sort of?
D: a roast pork bun?
K: Yeah! That was it.
D: Wet meat....ew.

Bet that description would NOT do well on a menu...

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