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It's currrently about 55 degrees in our house. That is probably because our furnace, on the coldest day of the year thus far, decided to quit. I guess it's tired. Me too. As a result, the house was freezing and we let both kids drift into our bed. Now, we have a big bed. A king. However, children seem to have some sort of inverse square law when it comes to the area they take up. I was easily crowded out by a 6 year old. After waking a million times (yes, exactly one million--I counted), I finally went and the 6 year old's bed! Why not? It was clearly empty. And, after dislodging the snowman from my back, the octopus from my side, and the various and sundry other creatures from my pillow, I slept rather well.

For the hour that was left before it was time to wake up.


Well, the oil company folks are on their way, so it will get fixed. Thank heavens for small favors.

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