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The Lion and the Sun

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Ellen told me about an hour ago that her assignment for today, an assignment that she was looking forward to, was to write a "dialogue between the lion and the sun," apparently subjects in a painting that they were shown in class. She went upstairs and 30 minutes later came up with this for me to print out:

Sun, oh Sun, way up in the sky,
Why is it that you float up so high?
When I look at you all I can do is sigh,
So please, will you please tell me why?

Lion, oh lion, so close to the ground,
Can you shine when I’m not around?
The reason I fly,
So close to the sky,
Is that I like to watch you bound around.

Sun, oh sun, you do know your stuff,
But while we are bounding, do you sit around and snuff?
We feel the wind through our hair,
In the bright summer air,
About that, we don’t think you know enough.

I know about that, Lion my friend,
And I know that on me, you do depend,
When you wake up in noon,
The end is near soon,
And good fortune to you, I will lend.

Will you tell me about what is little known?
When dragons did fight for renown,
Those were the days
When trouble was way aways,
And we always slept safe and sound.

That I can not honestly say,
But I know that trouble is on its way,
In light and in dark,
The bright is just but a spark,
And all bad guys are in its sway

So tell me to where I should flee
And take my people to be free
When the time comes to go,
I hope that you know
I am very thankful of thee!

By Ellen Meyerson


Honestly? No one told her to write it in verse. That's just ellen.

Yogi...and not the bear.

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This morning found me at JAG for an early physical therapy appointment for my back. I've been going now 3X/week for 2 weeks now, and feel like I'm making some good improvement. I'm standing next to the table I'm about to lie down on for therapy when an old, short guy shuffles, grinning, out of one of the private rooms they have. I look at him, look away, and then look back as he wanders past me. Yep, Yogi Berra. Apparently, he is there several times a week for PT. Old catcher's joints, I'm sure. Although he's known as one of the goofiest men in sports, I would imagine he could go wherever he wants for PT. That makes me think I'm in good hands.

Update - A picture (a crappy one, yes, but it was taken surreptitiously)! I actually went over and chatted with him today, asked him a question about an old baseball play that my dad wanted to know (Bill Johnson at 3rd!), and shook hands with the guy. Silly, but it will be pretty cool to tell my kids one day that I met and chatted with the Yogster.

A 40th that would have been

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Today would have been Gregory Blake's 40th birthday. I celebrated it with a chocolate crackle and a donation to the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation.

Happy Birthday, my friend. We miss you.

Driving Miss Ellen

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This story is from my dad:


We were driving to swimming and talking about the election:

me: I think I'm qualified to run for president.

ellen: no, you're not.

me: sure. I have the right qualifications.

ellen: no, you don't.

me: then what am I qualified for?

ellen: you're qualified to be a good grandfather, to be a good playwrighter,
and a good driver to take someone to swimming.


See? She knows who does what around here. It's especially good to be a good playwrighter.

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