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No excuses

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According to the blog reading level meter:

So I see no excuse for you all not to be reading it. I know most of you are at least CLOSE to this level.

Our newest purchase

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Today I voyaged an hour north to get a 1975 full sized pinball machine that I found on Craigslist. I've been looking for months for an inexpensive but still quality, working machine, and I found it on thursday from a very nice guy in Katonah, NY. I was, apparently, the first person to contact him about the machine and although he had more than 30 people contacting him over the next day or two, many offering more money, he did the nice thing and still sold it to me.

It came apart easily and, fortunately, fit in the Saab with the seats down (good to know for future pinball machines...*hums quietly*), and made it to the basement easily and smoothly. It plays great and the kids love it. A good first "real" pinball machine and now the kids are all hot for an arcade in the basement. We'll see what I can pick up over time.

Of course, this entry wouldn't be complete without a picture:

Another Greg moment

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I see these things from Japan and I can't help but thinking that this would have been something Greg would have found and sent me, or at least bought if he could have found it...

At least they're cheerful.

Tails of an Epilogue

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Two short snippets here today:

First, a few days ago we were at the dinner table and Kim was quizzing the kids on who was on what currency. So, she asks Ellen "If Jefferson is on the front of the Nickel, what is on the back?" Katie pipes up with "Tails!" Couldn't call her wrong, could we?

Second, we're walking to school yesterday and they're talking about a book Ellen loved called "Pinky Pye":

E: Did you read the epilogue, Katie?
K: No. What's an epilogue?
E: It's like a prologue, but it's at the end of the book. Now ask me what a prologue is.
K: What's a prologue?
E: (giggling) It's like an epilogue, except at the front of the book.

Smart ass.

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