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The Homestead

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I think this is courtesy of Gizmodo--

The Old Homestead.

I can't WAIT to move in. Anyone want to help with the bid?

Taxes...and death

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So we just got back from doing our annual taxes. Now, remember that I haven't paid any taxes out of my paychecks, since I'm a consultant and no one is withholding for me. That being said, we still owe $7000, all of it social security. Somehow, I feel broke, not secure.

Ah, well.

More kiddies....

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Me (holding owl puppet): Look, bug, he can squeak (squeezes bulb in owl to make squeaking sound).
K: I can't do that. It's too big for me!
Me: you can say it, though. Squeak, squeak!
K: that's spanish for monkey!
Me: *BLINKS...Giggles*

So...squeak is apparently Spanish for monkey. Who knew?

BTW, we call her "bug"...for those of you who were confused...

WINTER HAVEN, Fla. (AP) -- A dispute at the salad bar turned into a food fracas at an upscale retirement home, with a man taking a bite out of another's arm and other residents suffering minor injuries...

Guess the salad bar didn't offer arm as one of the choices?

Read the rest here, if you dare. (free membership required)

The race begins...

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So I told Ellen that Kim and I are going away for the weekend because I didn't want her freaked out when we left sort of suddenly. The race is on to see when she spills the beans. I wager that she will before I get to in 6 hours, but she might understand the concept of keeping her mouth shut...we'll see!

Katie I did not tell, of course, because she can't keep a secret for 15 seconds. She'll have to find out when Kim does. Hopefully she won't freak out, but i think they'll both be fine because they love spending time with my folks.

And then it's off to the Amish country for pretzels and sleep. Mmmmmmm....sleeeeep. We'll see how that works out.

Bubble Wrap

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