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Dinner Conversation

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At dinner yesterday with Kim, Kids, and my Dad...

Kim: Ellen, are you finished with dinner?
Ellen: Yes, can I have desert?
Kim: What would you like?
Ellen: I'd like my plate cleared.

Isn't that sweet?

The Agony of Defeat

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A recent conversation with an online friend of mine, regarding her 8 year old's soccer team:

Me: Who won?
L: The other team.
Me: Awww.
L: We kinda suck.

I dunno...something struck me funny about a team of 8 year olds that "kinda suck." When they get older, perhaps they can graduate to "awful."

The Pout

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If you can find a picture of someone with a better pout on her face than my 5 year old daughter, Katie, then I would love to see it. Can you possibly imagine what would have made her SO unhappy? I believe it was that we said "no more cookies." Reason enough, if you're 5.

Speaking of jokes...

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Ellen made up a pretty good joke yesterday. There's a building in New York City called One Penn Plaza, which, coincidentally, is located at one Penn Plaza, on 34th street near Penn Station. I have a client there, and Ellen's been there a few times and we can see it from my parent's house in Hoboken.

So, the joke:

Q: What building has the biggest TV in the world?
A: One Penn Plasma

Not genius, but pretty good for a 7 year old!

Knock knock

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A friend of mine told me a knock knock joke today, that I proceeded to tell the kids.

The joke:
Knock knock.
Who's there?
Interrupting Duck.

Ha Ha.

However, in Katie's hands, retelling it, it came out like this:

Katie: Knock Knock.
Me: Who's There?
Katie: Interrubbding Duck.
Me: Interupting Duck Who?
Katie: Quack.

I pointed out that it's not funny unless she interrupts me saying "interrupting duck."

So, she retells it:

Katie: Knock Knock.
Me: Who's There?
Katie: Interrubbding Duck.
Me: Interup...
Me (Laughing): you forgot the word QUACK??

So, not exactly Vaudeville material, but funny to listen to...

Day 1, redux

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Today was Katie's first day of kindergarten and excitement was running high. No fear--that's Katie's motto--and, true to form she wandered into school without even looking back...or so I'm told. You see, I was up on the top field waiting, with Ellen, for her new teacher, Ms. Ailey (sp?), to figure out which was was up, while Kim took Katie to the front entrance where the little ones enter.. Every other teacher was out, with a sign, proclaiming "This is MY line!" to their new students. Ellen's teacher was wandering around aimlessly, no sign, trying to figure out where she was, where her students were, the general rotation of the Earth, and God knows what else leading, ultimately, to her class figuring out what line they were supposed to be in about 5 minutes after the school bell rang. By the time I got around to the front to where the kindergarteners were entering to begin their bold new career as students, they had all filed in and I missed Katie ignoring her parents to run into school.


Retirement is...

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According to Ellen, "it means we just go away and stop working because we're too old to carry on with our jobs."

How sweet.

Up for a breath...

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OK, to begin, yes, I know I have a blog. Yes, I know that there's no point in HAVING said blog if I don't write in it. And yes, I have something new for all the hoardes that read this...both of you.

Two conversations last night at Katie's big birthday dinner at the restaurant of her choice...IHOP (and BTW, I *SO* want to type that as "iHop". Apple has spoiled any words for me that start with "i".)

First, Ellen and Kim:

E: Oooh...can I have some of those harsh browns?
K: mean "hash browns"?
E: Oh, yeah. That.

MMmmmm...Harsh browns! Complete with shards of glass!

Second one, Katie and Kim:

Katie: Oooh...That's a neat picture! Look, something's moving in it!
Kim: That's a doorway.
Katie: Ohhh.

Happy Birthday, Bug. :)

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