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Oh...the belly.

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Well, it looks like I finally got this stomach flu that's been going around. It wiped Kim out for about 36 hours. I don't feel bad except that I'm spending a bit too much "quality time" in the bathroom.

God be praised, I won't get the vomiting part. That's what did Kim in...

But i feel it lurking....

More amazing children stories

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OK, this one impressed even me, who is used to things that come out of Ellen's (my 6 year old) mouth.

E: we don't have school tomorrow.
P: Why is that?
E: it's President's day!
P: what's that about?
E: it's the president's birthdays
P: which ones?
E: george washington and abraham lincoln
P: Very good. what did they do?
E: Washington was our first president.
P: Right. And what did Lincoln do?
E: I dunno
P: well, he was president during the civil war, when the north part of the country fought against the south part of the country because the south wanted to keep black people as slaves and take away their freedom. Lincoln helped the black people gain their freedom.
E: (thinks for a minute). Like Martin Luther King!
P: (sits dumbfounded)...Um...right! exactly.

I kid you not. 6 years old.

More Goofiness

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My two little goofs. You can't make this stuff up. I wouldn't even want to try...

Two nights ago, Ellen was sleeping out at my mother's. It's time for Katie to go to bed and she starts being cranky and whining that she doesn't want to go to bed. Then she asks for Ellen, more and more persistantly, and then starts crying that she wants Ellen. She idolizes her sister and missed her. It was very sweet.

This morning, we're trying on new clothes my mother bought for Ellen and I slip a black velvet dress on her. She turns to Kim and says "May I have this dance?" in total seriousness. It was TOO cute. She, of course, danced with her until she started getting too goofy and ended up tied in a pretzel.

More fun than...

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Katie: I want to come up on your lap.
Me: Why?
Katie: Your lap is more fun!
Me: For fun than what?
Katie: Magnets.


The long and tiring road...

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Billing clients is good. Billing clients makes me money. However, I was not cut out for 50+ hour weeks. Not with a cold, for sure. Perhaps I'm a whiner, but this week has me nearly beaten.

mon: 11.5 hours
Tues: 10 hours
Wed: 10.5 hours
thurs: 11 hours

And now it's friday and I'm dead. Well, I have a 3 days weekend ahead of me.

At least I'm still young--not like greg or di...;)

Most used blogword

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Mine is TIRED (or at least I'm assuming it is--I haven't counted). Tired again. Katie was up at 5 coughing again and again and again. I feel like a zombie.

So, mine is TIRED. what's yours?


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I think there is some sort of mind control program at work in Diablo II because all I've wanted to do for the past month or so is play. It helps that I can play with my friends, of course, but it's just a total kick. But more than that, after what have been extremely long days at work, then home dealing with kids and wife and home, it's easily the most relaxing and enjoyable thing I have of late. Totally consuming, which is a great way to let everything else go for a bit.

To the very lovely woman that I keep pushing off in favor of this mindless addiction, I am sorry. I do still care.


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