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I haven't gotten to updating this puppy in awhile and he's hungry!

Tonight I get to set up a new OS X server at a big client of mine. if all goes well, we can get in and out in a few hours. I've spent the better part of the past week configuring, setting up, testing, getting patches, etc., so it should be a matter of copying over data and setting up groups and that's it. We'll see.

I have to restripe a RAID from their little LCD panel on the box itself, which i've never done, so we'll see how THAT goes. always nice to have be starting something new after 5 on a friday...;)

My latest obsession has been Diablo II with greg online. I'm hoping some of you slaggards can get a copy up and running and play with us. It's very stress relieving to kill undead things! And I got a cool sash!

C'mon....who wants some. I know you do!

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