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It's A-Live!

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Anyone who knows me knows that I've love seeing live events. Concerts or sporting events, even if it's not my favorite team or my favorite band, I just really love seeing them live. Thanks to StubHub it's so easy to get seats for things I'd never have gotten to before. These days, one kick of mine is to go to see a bad team but with great seats. I went with Chris a few weeks ago to a Wizards game, and we sat in the all-you-can-eat-buffet Acela ledge seats, where they took care of us all evening, we watched some pathetic Wizards basketball, and ate and just had a great time:



Tonight, I convinced/cajoled Katie to come with me into Newark to see the even more lowly Nets (who, coincidentally, played, and got crushed by, the above mentioned lowly Wizards). We got a nice burger before the game and wandered in a bit late down down down to our center court, 3rd row seats that were mine for an absolute song. The obvious plus is that I'd never buy seats that were face value $250/seat. No way. The downside is that the Nets A, suck and B, suck. But, we still had a great time:




Take Us Out to the Ball Game

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Greetings loyal readers! Been a long time since I posted, so I thought I'd share a fun day today.

Ellen and I got to go sit in a suite at Yankee Stadium (the "new" Yankee Stadium) for a great (if you're a Yankee fan) game against the Mets. Yanks crushed them, 15-0, and seriously needed a win, but that was just a small part of the day. Today was a true Daddy-Ellen day, and we just had a ball.

We arrived early (around 11) and wandered the Stadium, stopping first to get some Garlic Fries, which were seriously garlicky but good! We walked around the ground level, munching our fries, getting as far out as center field (and watching batting practice) before we realized that we were supposed to get to our seats to watch the paratroopers by noon (yes, I said paratroopers).

So, we hustled upstairs to our seats, nice, cushy, seats with a terrific view and watched as an Army plane circled overhead about 10 times before finally disgorging 6 separate paratroopers who spun in for landings in the middle of Yankee stadium. It was pretty amazing, honestly.

Shortly thereafter, we got up to check out the suite that came with the tickets, the Jim Beam Suite, which was a nice, glass enclosed, air conditioned room with a bar, lots of stand up tables, a made-to-order brick oven pizza place, and a food network kitchen serving some more exotic fare you'd get at a ball game. Today's special (which I didn't get to try) was chunks of smoky kielbasa dipped in fresh corn batter and fried crisp. Sounds good.

After the Suite, we perched back in our seats to watch a good, old-fashioned drubbing by the Yanks. Burnett had it; Santana did not, and the game was quickly out of hand, but much fun. Along the way, Ellen and I wandered downstairs to grab a big, crazy chocolate-caramel apple, which she got all over her face as we peered onto the field for a big, 7 run inning. It was great coming back from getting our apple repaired (the stick broke as we were eating it!) to a home run and seeing Ellen jumping up and down, absorbed in the game on her own. Warms a sports-fan-dad's heart, I can tell you.

After further wandering, we perched back in our squishy seats and Ellen wanted to stay for the entire game, even though the game finished 15-0. We listened to Sinatra warble New York, New York and drove off into the sunset.

Honestly, one of the best days I can remember. Thanks for a great time, El.

Yogi...and not the bear.

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This morning found me at JAG for an early physical therapy appointment for my back. I've been going now 3X/week for 2 weeks now, and feel like I'm making some good improvement. I'm standing next to the table I'm about to lie down on for therapy when an old, short guy shuffles, grinning, out of one of the private rooms they have. I look at him, look away, and then look back as he wanders past me. Yep, Yogi Berra. Apparently, he is there several times a week for PT. Old catcher's joints, I'm sure. Although he's known as one of the goofiest men in sports, I would imagine he could go wherever he wants for PT. That makes me think I'm in good hands.

Update - A picture (a crappy one, yes, but it was taken surreptitiously)! I actually went over and chatted with him today, asked him a question about an old baseball play that my dad wanted to know (Bill Johnson at 3rd!), and shook hands with the guy. Silly, but it will be pretty cool to tell my kids one day that I met and chatted with the Yogster.

Jersey Boy

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It took months, but after a number of false starts, difficulty finding the right jersey, time taken getting up to visit Mr. Manning, my mom got upstairs to her neighbor, Eli Manning, QB for the NY Giants and got the lovely jersey she bought signed. She also took care of getting it framed and here it is on my wall. I have to say I think it came out amazing, and the guys who hung it up for me were seriously jealous.

Thanks, Mom!

Big BIG Blue

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I haven't written anything about the Giants improbable run, but now that it's over, and the New York Giants are WORLD CHAMPS, I think it would be appropriate to say a little something. What an amazing run it's been, and how sweet to knock off what many considered the best team of all time (or, DID consider that--probably no longer). I think everyone is complimenting Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin, and deservedly so, but what goes less appreciated is the play of the lines, both offensive and defensive.

The Defensive line, Big D there, played as well as you could possibly ask. They sacked Brady 5 times, rushed him countless more, and held the Pats, a team that averaged 31+ points PER GAME, to only 14 points, a season low. What a time for the Defense to step up and control a game against probably the best offense we will ever see. But, not tonight.

Much less appreciated was the offensive line. These guys kept Eli safe in the pocket against a VERY good Pats defense. They gave him lots of time, picked up blitz after blitz and allowed Eli to win the game.

Kudos to the new world champs, the NEW. YORK. GIANTS!

It's a Major Award!

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Never to be outdone, Bug entered a poetry contest this week at school. Not only did she write a wonderful poem, but she won first place for her whole grade with this very timely and hopeful poem:

The Fantastic Score

It is University of Phoenix Stadium...

Quarterback throws the ball,
Punter kicks the ball,

Somebody yelling,

Somebody selling,
"Peanuts, Peanuts For Sale!"


Giants and Patriots bend, the last play,

There it goes!




Let's hope life imitates art. Great job, Bug!


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