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We were just watching horseracing on TV as Katie saw it on the guide and wanted to watch the horses. She's under the belief--the unbelievably mistaken belief--that there is some way we will get her a pony. I think she would be fine with it living in her room as far as she's concerned, although she might not think so when it filled her shoes with crap.

Anyway, as we watch the race and are commenting on the horses, Katie says (so we can all clearly hear):

"My heart aches with longing..."

Uh huh.


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I haven't posted in awhile, and of course leave it to my stomach to suggest a post, but today at the grocery store, lobsters were on sale. I think lobster may be my favorite food, and there are few ways I like it better than really authentic Maine lobster rolls. Here's how I make them:

-(3) top sliced hot dog buns per person
-room temperature butter
-1/2 lb lobster meat per hungry person. Figure about 1/4 lb meat per lb of lobster, so figure 2 lbs live lobster, steamed, per person. Get the grocery store to steam them for you and then you can pull the meat out yourself later when it's cool.
-1/4 cup mayo per 1/2 lb lobster
-1 stalk celery per person, diced
-sea salt

Chop the cold lobster meat into bite sized pieces. Mix the lobster meat, mayo, a teaspoon or so of taragon, a pinch of salt and the celery together in a bowl. Put back in fridge while you get the rolls ready.

Heat a fry pan or griddle to medium and lightly butter each side of the rolls. Griddle the rolls until they're golden brown on each side. Fill them generously with lobster salad and sprinkle paprika on top of each as you serve them.

Goes well with fries or chips or nothing at all. Don't skimp on the butter--it's vital!

So good. Oh, and if you can serve these while overlooking an ocean, so much the better...

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