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Katie was in Columbus visiting Rachel when, apparently, she and they went to a book festival. Amongst the activities was one were the kids made their own bookmarks. Katie made four of them, decorating them, and writing her own slogans. The spelling, below, is unedited:

1, I love to read!
2, Life is what maters
3, Me and a book. BFF
4, Treat bookes like my mom.

My little bookeworm.

Sick and Tired

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For the last 2 weeks, my body has been beaten up by this damned bug, but yesterday I started feeling better and today I was about 75%. However, just as I'm coming out of this fog, it's amazing how much work I've been thrust into. First, I have this monster calendar/contact solution in Filemaker to install at one client, and I've spent the entire day working on bug fixes. We should go "live" tomorrow with it.

On top of that, I'm at another client at the moment (it's 6 PM now) just starting a reinstall of the file server. I'll be here for several hours, and I can barely keep my eyes open now. Fortunately, I have Michele to keep me company, and giggle.

It's gonna be a long few days.

The bug that ate Pittsburgh

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It's been so long since i've updated this blog that I've almost forgotten how. Today's story centers around the tinyest of living creatures--the lowly bacterium. This one has a name, though--Chlamydia pneumoniae, a very small, very mean, very hardy little bug. Now, normally, this would be OK. The bug goes his way, I go mine, and everyone's happy. However, this particular bug has decided to make its home in my chest and seems to be very well snuggled in. He and his friends are producing copious amounts of goo dribbling down the back of my throat, filling my lungs, and making me hack away bits of alveoli. I LIKE my alveoli!

Pneumonia sucks, but I do get sympathy and free food and stuff. And lots of sleep.

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