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I just woke up from another crappy night of sleep because I went to bed angry and got up angry. I HATE that. I'm still angry. I get it in my head and can't get it out until I talk about it with who I'm angry at, but she doesn't want to talk. So I stew. And when we do talk, it will be the same damn thing. *sigh*

It comes to the same thing as it always comes to. I want to do something. She doesn't. We fight. The circumstances are all but irrelevant. This time they centered around it being a long time, me doing what I thought of as a favor by letting it go while we had a guest in the house, and then when that guest was gone, finding out she still wasn't interested and getting mad. But then she said "ok, well, you're mad, so I'll do something" and I was much more angry at that. I'm not sure why. I should have just taken her up on it, but it might have been pride (yes, the "P" word). In any case, I stormed out, and ended up not talking to her for the evening. And this morning, we've managed only to trade angry emails. She feels I was false to her by coming in and talking pleasantly when I was still mad. I thought I was trying to get un-mad (is that a word?) and didn't manage it.

Just another happy day in smallville.

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