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For the love of pork

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This is the funniest picture i've seen in a long time:

Also, from the "ok, that's the weirdest thing ever", and thanks to William Gibson, I bring you one of the funniest videos of all time:

Oh, shit, I'm a butter head

God, I love youtube.

Big BIG Blue

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I haven't written anything about the Giants improbable run, but now that it's over, and the New York Giants are WORLD CHAMPS, I think it would be appropriate to say a little something. What an amazing run it's been, and how sweet to knock off what many considered the best team of all time (or, DID consider that--probably no longer). I think everyone is complimenting Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin, and deservedly so, but what goes less appreciated is the play of the lines, both offensive and defensive.

The Defensive line, Big D there, played as well as you could possibly ask. They sacked Brady 5 times, rushed him countless more, and held the Pats, a team that averaged 31+ points PER GAME, to only 14 points, a season low. What a time for the Defense to step up and control a game against probably the best offense we will ever see. But, not tonight.

Much less appreciated was the offensive line. These guys kept Eli safe in the pocket against a VERY good Pats defense. They gave him lots of time, picked up blitz after blitz and allowed Eli to win the game.

Kudos to the new world champs, the NEW. YORK. GIANTS!

It's a Major Award!

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Never to be outdone, Bug entered a poetry contest this week at school. Not only did she write a wonderful poem, but she won first place for her whole grade with this very timely and hopeful poem:

The Fantastic Score

It is University of Phoenix Stadium...

Quarterback throws the ball,
Punter kicks the ball,

Somebody yelling,

Somebody selling,
"Peanuts, Peanuts For Sale!"


Giants and Patriots bend, the last play,

There it goes!




Let's hope life imitates art. Great job, Bug!

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