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This conversation was reported by my mother a few months ago when Mom and Dad were looking for a house in the area:

Nana. Gee look at those beautiful houses I would love to live in one of them (the ones on Wyoming Avenue)
Ellen: Nana those are nice but you should live in a smaller house like mine, and one that’s on a quiet street and not on the main street like these are.
Nana. Why?
Ellen Because you have peace and quiet just like ours, our house is just the right size, its on a very quiet street, no cars come through and YOU COULD RIDE YOUR BIKE.
Nana : Oh you have a point there if I ride my bike. Maybe Papa and I could build an extension to your house and live there if your house is so perfect
Ellen: we don’t have enough room between the houses for an extension
Nana: Well maybe we could rebuild the attic and Papa and I would live there
Ellen: I think Daddy would flip out.


Probably so.

Birthin' Babies

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Overheard this morning:

Katie: Mom, remember when we were born, Ellen was hanging upside down and I was tangled up in the invisible cords?

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