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Edgar Ellen Poe

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This is all Ellen. Every week she needs to use her spelling words in some way--a story, a poem, any kind of writing. This week, this is what she came up with, all on her own, in about 15 minutes according to Kim. Note: the spelling words she had to use are in italics.

Dirge of the Passed

Once before
I had a love
a maiden fair
and sweet.
Once again,
as long ago
in a foreign place
we shall meet.

Our meeting place
a restaurant
with fine food
for breakfast, lunch
and dinner.
Come and eat!
Take a seat!
Be careful
not to fritter.

But then- alas!
A man in black
breaking my
He said
that my love
had fallen from a tree.

On to
a serrated edge
my true love had
There she lay,
quiet as hay
until death
came calling.

So here she lays
in her sarcophagus.
My saddness rests
upon my shoulders
for I am
Frank Manopidos.

By Ellen

This is why Ellen is one of a kind.

The Bucket List

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Ellen came down tonight with the following list of "Things to do before I die." Where she got this from, I've no idea--we asked and all she could say was that she just thought of it. Usually, this stuff comes from something she's read or heard about, but this one--no idea.

Anyway, here's her list, in her order (and spelling):

Win a Nobel Prize
solve a rubix cube
watch all the batman, spiderman and superman movies
watch all 3 monty python movies
get 99 in one skill on runescape
go to a caucuss
go to hawaii
go to japan
learn to play sax like Lisa
sue someone
be part of a jury
Read "Coraline"
be part of a public riot

So, some things to envy, some things to puzzle over. That's my girl.

Smart Assery

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See, I KNOW I shouldn't be surprised when my kids are smart asses, since I'm one for the ages, but it always makes me laugh when they do it in a clever way. Then, and only then, do I beat them savagely.

Yesterday, Kim and I were heating up some dinner, and Kim put a Chinese-food-container full of corn in the microwave to heat it up. She left it in a little too long and the plastic top got all wobbly and rippled from the heat. So, Ellen comes in and sees it:

E: what happened here?
K: it wasn't my fault! the microwave did it!
E: (walking out) Suuuure...blame the inanimate object.

Happy 10th birthday, kiddo. May you never change.

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