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It's 1AM on the morning of my wedding day, and I'm still awake. As much as we can prepare has been done in advance. Tonight was a "rehearsal dinner", which meant that our wonderful friends and family ate a literal ton of smoked BBQ here at River's Landing. Ribs and Cornish Hens tonight, along with some giant salads that Kim made (thank you!) and lots and lots of help getting things set up for the wedding.

Thank you to Liam, for cooking your brains out.

Thanks to Jody, for making a dessert (Baklava) and a main course (Spanikopita) for the wedding.

Thanks to my katiebug, Rachelle, Cara, Weensie, Lauren and Karolyn for doing so much today to get everything ready for the event. Setting up the tent, getting the arch decorated, peeling off millions of stickers from little gifts and wrapping them in neat little bows (thanks Rachelle!), cleaning and arranging everything. Without you guys, I can't imagine I'd be going to bed even this early.

Looking forward to a day of fun, food, and love.

Most of all, thanks to my wife-to-be, Linda, for making this day possible. I love you!

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