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God, it's been ages since I updated this. I keep looking at my blog and thinking, "boy, it was so nice having all that good stuff" and then still not updating it. However, there's enough going on that I really do need to write something...

I'm getting married next weekend, 9/21/13. Linda and I are finally tying the knot right here in our lovely house that I like to call River's Landing. We'll have a big 'ol tent in the back yard, and my buddy Liam and I are doing about 75% of the cooking. We're making all the appetizers and I'm making one of the main dishes (pulled pork!) and my other buddy Jody is making another dish (Spanikopita!). We have a caterer doing a few main dishes, but really most of the pressure for getting this shindig together is falling on me. That's good, in that I'm a control freak anyway, but bad in that I've never done this before (well, I've gotten MARRIED before, but not catered my own wedding!). It's nervewracking.

My friend Nate is coming to take the photos. He's brilliant and I can't wait to see them.

So many of our friends are coming, but special kudos to a few friends who are really busting it to make it here, including our darling Cara, Jody and Rachelle (all three of whom are coming from Canada!), and some of my oldest friends Alex and Claudia, who are flying in from Michigan for this. It means a lot, guys, and we really appreciate you making the effort.

I'll post more as we get closer, but I wanted to just put this out there since there's such a feeling of anticipation and I had to share.

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