Another crazy dream

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I seem to have these in the "late" morning hours, especially if I've had to get up and use the bathroom or something. When I go back to sleep, I slip into these crazy dreams...

I had to have surgery. Something like a muscle tear or something. So I go into the hospital and they just wave this light over the muscle and it's done, but I'm very tired so I have to stay in bed. And when I wake up, two of my coworkers are there, with a friend/client who is also in the hospital for some reason. The friend is having something done, perhaps some surgery too, and I walk over from my hospital bed expecting some sympathy from my coworkers, with whom I'm also good friends. Instead, I get ignored so I start whining and one of my coworkers calls me an asshole. I respond with a string of expletives that would make a sailor blush and storm off.

I spend the next little bit of dream time stalking the halls of the hospital, acting like I'm very ill and woozy from the operation, but I think I was just trying to prove how hurt I still was. Anyway, I'm walking through the nursery and look over to see a baby with an iPod. Weird.

So then I collapse into the recovery bed they gave me, which is in an operating room. When I awaken, I AM very very tired. All cottony, hard to think. And I look over and there, on the operating table, is my wife! She's hooked to an IV-type cord and I try to call out but it just comes out muffled. Eventually I am able to ask what's wrong and she's very calm, saying that she cut herself on a wire fence and needs a transfusion. As she gets her new blood and remains calm, I'm becoming hysterical, but eventually I guess I calmed down.

Then I woke up. WTF?

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