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Ok, I've just come from Neil Gaiman's blog and I LOVE it. He's got to be one of my new favorite writers. I'm listening to the reading of "American Gods" and it's fantastic.

Coincidentally, I've recently been on a kick to check out other blogs by authors I've enjoyed, namely, Neal Stephenson, William Gibson, and the one and only Douglas Adams.

Rating the blogs from top to bottom of these wonderful authors, I'd have to put Mr. Gaiman on top as he is still very active and his blog is alive and flourishing, followed by Adams, Gibson, who stopped his blog about a year ago, and then Stephenson. Considering that Adams is deceased, his blog isn't bad...and I don't think I've ever read quite as openly hostile a weblog as my dear Mr. Stephenson's. Good fences make good neighbors, I guess...

Regardless of the blogs, though, I'd like to thank these wonderful authors for giving me and countless others hours, days and weeks of enjoyment.

Douglas, we miss you.


I just went back to Neal Stephenson's blog and someone JUST RECENTLY must have decided that a single page of "go away!" text was not what looked good for a brilliant author. It's been changed to a fancy flash site with the "go away!" text now in cute little boxes. Now THAT'S a "piss off!" I can deal with--as long as there are cute little boxes!

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