Thanksgiving day

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Turkey day started not with a whimper OR a bang, but with a phone call. 6:30 AM the phone rings, jolting us out of sleep.

"hello?" I answer, groggily

"Hi, daddy." says my 6 year old, who is staying overnight at my mom's house.

Turns out that she wanted to know what time the Macy's Day Parade was, and instead of asking my DAD in the other room, she, being the smartest 6 year old on the planet, picked up the phone and called us. Whee! So, after I tell her, nicely, that it's really early and that she should go to bed and NOT call again without asking nana, the phone rings at 7:30 AM--guess who. Yep, her again, wanting to say "Hi.". *sigh*

Turkey was good tonight, though. Brined it overnight and it was moist and delicious. Gravy was crappy. Very salty. don't know why. Potatoes had enough cream/butter/cheese to kill a water buffalo, but yummy. And, we're waiting for Kim's chocolate-croissant bread pudding. Mmmmmmm.

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