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This is an example of why my 8 1/2 year old is so special. While reading stories tonight (we're reading "The Amber Spyglass", part 3 in the "His Dark Materials Trilogy" by Philip Pullman), we get to a part where one of the characters meets up with an alien species of things like deer. Ellen thinks they're larger than they are and says they're like Wooley Mammals, but I say they're smaller, "Sort of like Mamlets". Then I say, "Isn't that a Shakespeare play?" and she says about 2 seconds later, "No, that's Hamlet...Maybe it's Hackbeth!" I don't know where she got the "hack" part, but how she knows Shakespeare plays, I have no idea. So I tell her it's "Macbeth" and then joke, "Actually, there's another play called PC Beth", making a Mac/PC pun. She gets it immediately and laughs, asking if it's "Virusbeth".

She just gets things. It's amazing sometimes how quick she is.

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i used to engage you in the exactly the same kind of wordplay, stringing words out based on rhyme and/or concept, but you have a smarter partner than i had.

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