Found in Translation

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This report comes from Kim, via Katie's teacher. Apparently, there's a new girl in Katie's class--Dinaye (or something like it), who speaks very little English. So the other day, Katie's music teacher notices that every time that she says something to the class, Katie turns to Dinaye and says something. She listens more closely and Katie is saying "bla blee blu bla blal blal bla" to Dinaye--e.g., complete gibberish. When questioned, Katie reports that she is "translating" for the girl, as she doesn't speak English well. All of Katie's teachers think this is so cute that they refuse to tell her to stop her translating, even though poor Dinaye probably is so confused that she must think English is the most bizarre language ever.

Katie writes it off as "no big deal--it's just Gibberish."

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