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Anyone who knows me knows that I've love seeing live events. Concerts or sporting events, even if it's not my favorite team or my favorite band, I just really love seeing them live. Thanks to StubHub it's so easy to get seats for things I'd never have gotten to before. These days, one kick of mine is to go to see a bad team but with great seats. I went with Chris a few weeks ago to a Wizards game, and we sat in the all-you-can-eat-buffet Acela ledge seats, where they took care of us all evening, we watched some pathetic Wizards basketball, and ate and just had a great time:



Tonight, I convinced/cajoled Katie to come with me into Newark to see the even more lowly Nets (who, coincidentally, played, and got crushed by, the above mentioned lowly Wizards). We got a nice burger before the game and wandered in a bit late down down down to our center court, 3rd row seats that were mine for an absolute song. The obvious plus is that I'd never buy seats that were face value $250/seat. No way. The downside is that the Nets A, suck and B, suck. But, we still had a great time:




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