The Brady Bunch

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This weekend (memorial day weekend) was one of several where the kids have joined me down at Linda's place, and it's felt a bit like the Brady Bunch. We're 2 kids short for that, but we do have 2 cats, so it's close. Regardless of numbers, though, it makes my heart glad to see how well the four kids interact, most of the time. Kids will be kids, of course, and there's a share of bickering and fighting, but in general, it's just wonderful how well they all get along. The four of them are downstairs watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows right now, and when I left to come to bed, and Lindsay climbed up onto the couch in my spot, Chris announced "Fine, I'll just stay down here and snuggle with Katie!" This, of course, elicited a whoop from Katie and the two of them settled down to watch together. Too cute for words.

Yesterday was a A-level minor league baseball game at a stadium really close by (the Potomic Nationals) and the 6 of us had great seats. We watched the whole game, laughing, high-fiving the players as they ran by (we had REALLY good seats...), and stayed for fireworks and Katie and Chris ran the bases. Ellen and Lindsay mostly played on their iPhones, but even that was fine. Watch the game, don't watch, just have fun, and we all did.

It's always a special time together, doing whatever, and I couldn't ask for much more between the kids I have and the kids I'm looking forward to being much more a part of. I'm very lucky in this, and I know it.

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