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This is the conversation I JUST had with Ellen remotely from my desktop to hers:

Me: are you there?
Ellen Meyerson: Yeah
Me: I thought I said no more computer...
Ellen Meyerson: The issue was sort of open ended because I had an argument that you didn't respond to in a clear way..
Me: about 20 mintues ago...
Me: oh, my. I said no more computer. that was clear enough. consider it clear enough for future, lawyer-girl.
Ellen Meyerson: But after that, I said it was not eight o'clock. But you responded in a sarcastic and joking manner
Me: and I said I didn't care.
Me: that you were done.
Me: when do I ever respond in any other way?
Ellen Meyerson: Occasionally.
Me: uh huh.
Me: Are you ready to get back to LOTR?
Ellen Meyerson: Yes......
Me: OK. are you ready for bed?
Ellen Meyerson: uh huh.
Me: ok, I'll be up in a minute and we can get a good read in.
Ellen Meyerson: A minute and a half.
Me: k

It's just going to get worse, I swear...

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you're worried? my son started this shit when he was 5. now he's 40 and it's only gotten more refined.

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