Achy Buggy Heart


We were just watching horseracing on TV as Katie saw it on the guide and wanted to watch the horses. She's under the belief--the unbelievably mistaken belief--that there is some way we will get her a pony. I think she would be fine with it living in her room as far as she's concerned, although she might not think so when it filled her shoes with crap.

Anyway, as we watch the race and are commenting on the horses, Katie says (so we can all clearly hear):

"My heart aches with longing..."

Uh huh.


lobster tails on the grill -- make a slit in the lobster - put butter, basil, rum, lemon, pepper - wrap up in reynolds wrap and grill for like 15 minutes -- yummmmmmmmmmmmm

Also, if you love lobster -- go to st. croix and you get lobster from the guys early in the morning right off the boat -- its soooooooooooo good -- its like $5 per lb. rent a villa with a pool overlooking the ocean -- and get the lobster -- boil it -- and put in the fridge -- and then make lobster salads, etc. -- Also, a tip from a woman who was the chef on a cruise ship and who has a fish store in st. croix -- to get tender lobster -- put live lobster in the fridge for an hour or so before cooking since they go to sleep -- and then drop in the water and they dont tense up -- since they are sleeping -- the meat is soooooooo tender and deliciuous.........

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