How are you going to keep it in the park, after it's seen ARod...

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OK, I'm not going to break out and sing, but for anyone paying attention to the Yankees, or indeed, baseball at the moment, cannot help but being stunned and amazed by the show Alex Rodriguez is putting on for the major leagues. Hitting a home run is supposed to be hard (unless you're on steroids like a certain San Francisco Giant), but ARod is making it look like you should hit at least a homer every game. At this point, after having his his second of the night against the Red Sox, he's up to 12 homers and 30 RBIs after a total of 15 games. Now, no one has ever hit 10 homers in the first 14 games--this is the stat they showed at the beginning of tonight's game. My guess is--and this is only a guess--that it's a good deal less likely that anyone's ever hit 12 homers in 1 more game than that. Every swing, every at bat, this guy is making the rest of the league look silly.

The only question is will he cool off, or will other teams just start walking him every at-bat.

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