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Ellen has started using email with MS Entourage, a "real" email client. Her first email to her parents? Her plans for the online game she is playing, Runescape:

Dear mom and dad
I have a picture to show you. It is from the heros quest. As you probably
know, it is from RS. I really want to do it, because if I do, I think I get
an amulet of glory. Also ,if you do heros quest you get accses to the heros
guild. By the way, the person in the picture has full splitbark (which is a
kind of magicians robe) an elemental shield (which is a magic shield that
has elemental ore in it.) and a lava staff (which is a staff that has
combinations of earth and fire in it giving you an infinet amount of those
runes. I also think he has a ledgends cape on. His armour siginalises
that he is a mage.


This siginalises that she's a bit obsessed.

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