Recipe for Happiness

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This is what my 8 year old is capable of off the cuff (she spent about 5 minutes writing this up when she saw I was in a grouchy mood because of a client). The spelling is hers:
Recipe for happieness


1 cup of love
1 loving Mom
1 carring Dad
1 sweet sister (or brother)
2 teaspoons of kisses
2 teaspoons of hugs
1 tablespoon of joy
3 smiles


Put dad Mom and Sibling in a bowl. Add kisses and hugs. Stir clockwise for a minute. Stir Counter-Clockwise once and add love and smiles. Shake and add joy. Allow to simer 8 minutes in a non-stick sauce pan. Put in jars and take a sip when ever you are sad.

Eaquals 2 monts of happyness. Don't use if you are wealthy, spoilled, or you have anything you want.

Could that be tastier?

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