A difficult evening

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Tonight I was faced with the unenviable task of having to explain to Katie and Ellen that one of Katie's classmates died a few days ago. We sat down to dinner, and before we started, I asked each of them what they thought happens when someone or something dies. They told me what they thought, Katie saying you go into the ground, Ellen saying that they go to heaven (which surprised Me since we have zero religion in the house, and I'm jewish.) At that point, I explained what happened. We talked about it a bit, and then I suggested that Katie could make a card for the older brother and sister, so she did.
She made a picture of the little girl with a sunset. Bear in mind, though, that she never draws a sun setting. it's always up in the corner, like every other little kid draws, usually with a happy face. Well, not this one. Little kids are awfully perceptive. Kim wrote the words Katie dictated, and she'll take it into school tomorrow.

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