Clash of the Titans

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Ok, so that's a bit grandiose, but this weekend, the Yankees and the red sox meet at fenway with the Yanks holding a 1 game lead in the A.L. East. Last night, the Yanks came away short, losing 5-3, being hurt by a bad play at 1st by Giambi, and some good pitching by the ageless David Wells. They play today at 1:30.

The scenarios are interesting, considering that Cleveland also plays for the Wild Card spot that's open right now. Cleveland lost last night, and I think that means that both the Yanks and the sox are 1 game up on Cleveland for the Wild Card, e.g., whoever loses the A.L. East would win the Wild Card instead.

So, if the Yanks split the next 2 at fenway, they would play the sox one game at The Stadium on Monday. Of course, I'll be at a client, and not happy about it...

If the Yanks win the next 2, they take the East.

If the sox take the next 2, they take the East. If that happens, the Yanks deserve to lose, getting swept on this final head-to-head weekend.

I think the Yanks will win today. What they do tomorrow, though, is anyone's guess.

Here's hoping!

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