Tee Ball Wizards

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It is nearly impossible to describe what a t-ball game played between 20 six year old girls is like unless you have had it inflicted on you. However, I will try...

Girl 1 is currently playing with first. That seems to mean that she is standing vaguely near the bag with a glove on, talking to the girl who has "hit" her way on and tipping the bag over repeatedly.

Girl 2, my daughter Ellen, is "playing second," which, in this case might mean facing home plate, or not. It might mean tossing a rubber base-like thing in the air. It seems, at the moment the ball is hit, to mean that she should run around second base in circles. Sometimes it just means put down your glove and play in the dirt. Actually, it seems to mean that pretty often.

Girl 3, Jane, is standing on second. It's unclear what "position" this is, but apparently in involves a great deal of sitting on the base, along with some twirling.

Girl 4, Emily, is currently hugging the girl on second. She too is standing on second. Her glove is long discarded in favor of a handful of dirt.

All of the girls that are at least looking at the "batter" when the ball is hit generally run at the ball. They are currently fighting for it, and there is a great deal of sliding and rolling. Quite a bit more rolling than i've seen in most ball games.

There is no one at third. One of the girls are kicking it down into right field. Someone is lying amongst the dandilions. She might be asleep.

All the girls bat. All of them score. No outs. No end.

God, help me.

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