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One of my all time favorite actors/comediens, John Cleese, has a very nice interview with Jennifer Senior of the NY Times. He's just too funny. It's hard to describe, but partly it's that I can always hear him saying things, and he has wonderful timing, and I hear that in my head when reading anything of his.

An example, speaking about Michael Caine:

SENIOR: Is it also harder to age gracefully in comedy?

CLEESE: Oh, I don't think so. I think if people know who you are . . . like if Michael Caine walks on screen, everybody knows it's Michael Caine, and they don't realize that he's 130 or whatever. Because it's Michael Caine, and we've loved Michael Caine for as long as we can remember, so we just see Michael Caine. We don't think, "Who is that extraordinarily ancient man?"

Just funny. Well, read it yourself. Cracks me up.

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