How can I stay mad?

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I come upstairs and Ellen's in the tub, crying. Talking to Kim, I find out that she had given her a hard time when she wanted her out of the tub, and she told her that she could get herself out (as opposed to her helping her out of the tub). Now, she's perfectly capable of getting out by herself, and she was tired of standing there and getting lip.

So she gets out of the tub, wailing, and I push her off to her room, angry at this outburst. Her response, while weeping (remember, she's 6...):

"I wanted Mommy to help me out, but she didn't even give me the opportunity..." *choked sobs*..."It's not fair! She just refused to help me!"

Now, I'm listening to this diatribe, and trying SO hard not to crack up, but I couldn't. I started smirking, which just made her louder, but I just couldn't help it. God, I can't wait to hear what she comes out with as a teen when she actually has a real vocabulary.


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