F**king birds...

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Saturday: Woken up to the incredibly loud sound of birds outside the window. Kim's and my eyes shoot open at around 6 and with difficulty, we get back to sleep.

Sunday: Again, 6 AM, birds are SCREAMING at us. No sleep. So, that afternoon, I open the A/C partition (it's a window A/C, so there's that accordian-style blocker to keep it in place) and sure enough, there's a bird's nest UNDER the A/C! The loud birds weren't outside the window, they were in the room, usnig the metal A/C as a PA. So, out goes the bird's nest, in comes a block of wood to keep the little creep out.

Today (Monday): Bird is back. I don't know what he's doing, but the damn thing, on a day where i can actually sleep in because I'm working late, is screaming at me again. This time, I smacked the partition, sending him flying. I'm going to catch him and eat him next, I swear. I'm exhausted because of a 2 oz. sparrow.


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