Why I only read 90% of books...

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Actually, it's not true, but sometimes I wish I did. Today, I finished Neil Gaiman's American Gods, a thoroughly brilliant and wonderful read. And as a result, I'm very sad. Not because the book had a sad ending, but because it's no longer available to me in the same way, ever again, unless I develop Alzheimers.

Even moreso than movies, books become a friend to me. If I find one I just adore, I spend weeks with it, reading it, getting involved in the characters, the storyline, etc. I can picture the people, the settings, the world of a book like American Gods so clearly and so well that to finish it is to lose friends. Of course, I can always reread it, but the players no longer do new things...they lose the life that they had when it was fresh.

A double edged sword, to be sure, but regardless, I'd recommend the book to anyone. It was wonderful.

Thanks, Neil!

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