Chocolate Thunder

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So it's Easter. Rah Rah. I hate to be cynical, and for disclosure purposes, I'm Jewish (although just barely that, in any case), but like many religious holidays, this has become a "What did you buy me?" holiday, only instead of a fat old man, it's a furry bunny. Bizarre, actually.

My wife is really into this holiday stuff, and we did the egg thing and hid them, and then gave the kids baskets FULL of crap, and she has (HAD!) a rule that on halloween and Easter, the kids can just eat whatever they want.

Well...that rule is changing after Katie vomited chocolate ALL over herself and the back seat of the car to cap off a 3 hour trip from upstate. What a lovely welcome home. On her blanket, her lap, my hand (when, as a good dad, I tried to catch it or some other such bizarre reflex), the back seat, her toys...

And it smells like chocolate that's gone bad...It's impossible to describe. Like EVIL chocolate. Chocolate with an undercurrent of hate or something unwholesome.


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