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The lovely and talented Gregory pointed me to a new show last night called Keen Eddie.I watched a full episode, which wasn't bad. But here's my problem with it: It's been done. Again and again.

Plot summary in a very reductionist nutshell:

cop, transfered to London for some reason. Maybe he was bad (in which case he should have been sent to the Bronx) or very good (in which case he would have stayed and been made lieutenant or something). Maybe he was just being very British and they had to do something with him. In any case...

Cop, in strange situation, with wacky partner (this one's a sexaholic), and beautiful roommate who hates him (although she really loves him). They fight crime! They make schtick! They drink pints!

The writing seems good, but it's hard to get past the fact that it's been SO done. See, that's why I like Monk. Putting a good cop in England is not quite that wacky. Put him in Bejing, and that might be interesting...But on Monk, the good cop is crazy as a bedbug and so much of the show focusses on how he can get around that handicap that it's very creative. At least, it's creative between that and other shows. I'm finding that it's getting a bit stale because there are only so many times you can have him wipe off his hands before it's not that funny.

Am I a bitter crank??

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