Mostly lazy day

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Today was fun, mostly. I did have to spend about 90 minutes on the phone with a client, and then spent a "good" hour doing my invoicing for the month, but I got to chat with friends and watch the entire NY Giant football game, an excersise in frustration that lasted almost 4 hours, but remarkably ended with an OT win. I sat on the couch for the second half with my 5 year old who is learning to read and kept telling me what down it was, how many yards left, what time was left in the game, whether there was a flag or not, and when a touchdown had been scored. She did this not by having a clue about the game, but by reading the FOX ticker on top of the screen.

She also took the opportunity to make rhymes for every possible down variation (e.g., the cheerleader's "first and ten lets do it again" becomes "2nd and 6 lets pick up some sticks" in her nimble, but slightly mad mind.)

But, it was fun.

Tonight, maybe a movie.

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